About Feronia

Feronia provides a holistic approach, helping farmers, agricultural & food companies to exploit opportunities and progress, providing the access to networks and resources that are not normally available to them and the tools to achieve sustainable growth.

Feronia Core Team

George Afendoulis

Agronomist – Agricultural Economist

He has a long experience of more than 30 years on the business of oils and fats in the local and international markets. His main area of expertise is olive oil. The main business  area where  George is focusing  is the transformation  of the supply chain of oils aiming to add real value to each of  the involved stakeholders.

Iraklis Kounadis

Financial Advisor

He has studied finance and has a long professional experience of more than 30 years serving in top positions in financial corporations. Believing strongly in the agriculture sector’s fundamental importance, he assists customers in forming effective strategies and achieving differential value. Transferring his deep knowledge in investments and business development, he works together with our business partners finding new opportunities and ways to create value.